BD Fundraising is owned and operated by Brad Durham, who was born in McMinnville, Tennessee, and graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1979. Brad Durham began working in the fundraising industry in 1999, and in 2004, he started his own company. The focus of our company is to give as much as possible to teams, organizations, and schools.

BD Fundraising believes that as a fundraising company, it offers the most generous split (up to 70/30 split on discount products) in the industry. Based in Tennessee, we offer direct services to every team and school who sells our fundraising products. Brad Durham has helped football teams and groups in Tennessee raise over millions of dollars.

In 2022, Brad Durham started using the MoneyDolly app which contains the most powerful technology in the fundraising industry. The MoneyDolly places the entire fundraiser in an app on a smart phone. There is no need to sort through order forms, county money, and handle discount plastic cards or coupons. This app is so convenient and efficient, it will change the way everyone will want to fundraise now and in the future.

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