Lincoln County baseball raised $19,827 with 32 players. The average profit per player was $621.The team used the MoneyDolly app.

Lincoln County Baseball holding a check for $19, 827, December 1, 2023.

Head Coach Travis Tate

Head Coach Travis Tate: I think you were very professional, and that is probably the most successful fundraiser since I have been here, especially from the effort on our end. Administratively, it took a lot off my plate. It took a lot off the parents’ plates. Our kids did a really good job of buying into it. I would recommend you to anybody. 

BD Fundraising: How did you get the team to put the contacts into My Circle?

Head Coach Travis Tate: We just made them do it. We have a thing here, “volunteers not hostages.” They just knew that the expectation was if the contacts were not in, they were not going home. I told them they were not leaving until they put in 25 contacts.

Rhett Persell has a brother on the team, and they both raised over $1K for the team. Maddox Meeks raised $1.68K for the team.

Rhett Persell: My brother and I sort of knew that the people we knew would split. For instance, if our grandparents were going to give $500, they would split it into $250 for me and my brother. We had a bunch of contacts, and just sent a lot of our own contacts individually. 

BD Fundraising: You or your brother got to some people you both knew first — before the other brother did, right?

Rhett Persell: Oh yeah. The first night, I sat down with my parents and they helped me out. My brother was at a friend’s house. I got a head start. Some people donated to both of us.

Maddox Meeks: I run my own business, so I reached out to all my customers. They were more than happy to support me and my baseball team. I have a mobile detailing business. I probably have over 50 customers. 

I put their contacts in (the app) and I gave them a call. 

West Football raised over $30,000 this summer with Brad Durham Fundraising. The team’s profit has increased 125% over the past two years ago using the MoneyDolly app. Two years ago, before using the MoneyDolly app, the team’s fundraising profit was $13,500.

Contact Brad Durham to discuss how your team’s profits can increase using the MoneyDolly app.

West Football holding a check for $30,333, August 22, 2023

Junior Punter, Jones Bollig had 61 supporters and raised over $1.4K for West Football. He discusses his fundraising experience for his team in this brief two-minute interview.

The most profitable fundraiser for teams and schools is the donation-only program. Brad Durham Fundraising presently offers 90% profit to any group that works with him this school year. The MoneyDolly app is the most user-friendly platform in fundraising, and BD Fundraising is signing up new groups now.

85% of the 2023 Georgia Peach crop was wiped out by nature, but our supplier, Fitzgerald Fruit Farms delivered over 8,000 boxes for 23 teams this year. This was Brad Durham Fundraising’s 9th year of selling Georgia Peaches as a fundraiser.

“I worked with Brad Durham for at least 15 years as a head coach. I always found that Brad would do exactly what he said, and when he made a mistake, he would clean it up. I have always appreciated that, and have found him to be a good partner for our school and our football program in Tullahoma.” — John Olive, state championship football coach and Athletic Director at Tullahoma High School

John Olive 2021 Tullahoma State Championship game.

“Working with Brad Durham for over 20 years has been a pleasure. He is very detailed and professional in his work.” — Rick Rice, state championship head football coach

Rick Rick, former head coach at Wayne County.

“Brad Durham is the guy behind our fundraising for the last 20+ years.” – David Marston, Lawrence County head football coach.

David Marston, Lawrence County High School head coach.

“Brad Durham has worked with me to do what is best for our program. We know that we can count on him.” — John Webb Rockwood head football coach.

John Webb, Rockwood High School head coach.

“We did not have to deal with the everyday paperwork and chasing the money from the kids. That was the easiest thing for us. We have all the information on the MoneyDolly app and we can track it. Our kids seem to like it better. It saved tons of time, lots of hours for us.” – Scott Shaver, West High School assistant coach.

Scott Shaver, assistant coach West High School football.

“I always say these are the peaches that you have to lean over the sink to eat them.” — Doug Greene, Coffee County head football coach

Doug Greene, Coffee County head football coach.

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