MoneyDolly makes fundraising more convenient and efficient.

MoneyDolly is a fundraising app developed by individuals who have spent over 20 years each on the front lines of fundraising. These individuals hired professional app developers and have staffed a fully-functioning crew to maintain and upgrade the MoneyDolly app. There is not another app like MoneyDolly in fundraising.

Once you use MoneyDolly, you will never want to go back to the old way of fundraising. It is similar to the difference of using a rotary phone or a smart phone. You will be able to hold the future of fundraising in your hand right now.

No more paper. No more collecting cash and checks. No more logging sales by student for school bookkeepers. MoneyDolly does all of these things for you and much more. MoneyDolly also allows you to monitor your fundraiser in real time on your phone. Furthermore, you will have a data base with MoneyDolly that provides you with donor information so that you can easily contact the same donors again the next school year.

MoneyDolly will give you more free time to coach and teach instead of counting money and keeping records. No more trying read students’ handwriting on order forms or searching for missing cash or checks. No more late orders or turn-ins. All the information you need about your fundraiser is on the app.

If you want a super hassle-free fundraiser, check out or home delivery fundraiser. You and your students will never touch the money or product.